Villa Ulpu

Enjoy an unforgettable vacation near the Torro National Park

Villa Ulpu is located just next to the deepest swamp of Finland: The Torro National Park. Relax in the middle of nature and enjoy the fresh air of Tammela! There are lot's of walk-able routes nearby for  a day trip. In fall and winter there is a high possibility to spot Auroras at the night sky.

Hotelli Maakunta

A Small family hotel in the city-center of Forssa

Hotelli Maakunta is the oldest still functioning hotel in Forssa. Many famous Finns such as former president of Finland, Urho Kekkonen have visited here. Hotel has been found in 1940 and was completely renovated in 2008 by the new owners. Hotelli Maakunta is located in the city centre of Forssa, right next to Vesihelmi spa. It is easy to find and there is a large parking area.

Taidehalli Maakunta

Event venue in the heart of Forssa

Taidehalli Maakunta is a  place to arrange your events: weddings, birthdays and meetings just to name a few. Groups can enjoy our delicious lunches and dinners from our kitchen.