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Large and fishy lake Pyhäjärvi offers good fishing opportunities. Both pike and perch pike has been planted in the lake.


There is two canoes for hire in Kultakukkura.

Berry and mushroom picking

In the autum the forests around Kultakukkura are full of berries and mushrooms to be picked.


The new bird tower in Salmistonmäki is located within walking distance from Kultakukkura.


It is possible to travel by boat along river Loimijoki all the way to Forssa.

Horse riding

Nearby Similä Riding Stables offers riding facilities to all ages and standards.


We recommend

Nature tourism destinations

Kultakukkura Villas are situated between two National Parks and nearby one Folk Park:

Torronsuo National Park
Situeted only 8 km from Kultakukkura. Walk safely over Finland's deepest bog along sturdy duckboard trails.  An accessible campfire site and an observation platform. Suitable for day-trips all year.

Liesjärvi National Park
Liesjärvi National Park is rich in nature. Forests of varying ages, unique Kyynärharju esker, beautiful shores and valuable mires.

Folk Park of Saari
The Folk Park of Saari has been a well-known outdoor recreation area for decades. It's valuable for its nature as well as for its cultural history. It draws visitors with its diverse nature and magnificent landscape as well as its services aimed at visitors of all ages.

Other destinations

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Hotel Maakunta

Hotel Maakunta is a two storey museum protected funktionalism style building in an idyllic old city centre. You sleep well and peacefully inside the sturdy walls of the solid old building. All the rooms have been decorated with respect for the old world charm and spirit.

Villa Ulpu

Timber cabin Villa Ulpu next to Torronsuo National Park.

City apartments

Fully furnished apartments in the centre of Forssa for short or long term rental.


Guided nature tours in Torronsuo and Liesjärvi National Parks.